Improving Wound Care with the Arise Q2 Solution

The Arise Q2 Solution was designed by a nurse for nurses to save time and money and improve a patient’s experience while being turned and changed. Allowing caregivers to stay within the Q2 protocol of turning and changing patients every two hours, helps prevent pressure injuries. It also reduces strain and repetitive motion injuries in caregivers by allowing them to turn and change a patient hands free.

Reduces and Prevents Pressure Injuries

  • Keeps skin drier with wick-away barrier
  • 2x the absorbency of standard incontinence pads
  • Superior patient positioning for wound care
  • Improved exposure with tear-away absorbent panel
  • Super absorbent core draws in moisture and locks it away from skin
  • Feels dry to the touch within minutes
  • Maintains core integrity, reducing friction and shearing of skin
  • Ultra-soft, non-woven, wick-away material for greater patient comfort
  • Back sheet is air-permeable for exceptional skin dryness, which supports low air-loss mattresses
  • Advanced super absorbent gel core with high-performing absorbent polymer lies flat when wet without disintegrating or bunching

Reduces Caregiver Injuries

  • Easier to turn patient with extended hook-and-loop fasteners, which support arms by acting as a second caregiver to secure patient
  • Prevents and reduces risk of injury caused by unassisted repetitive lifting, cleaning, and repositioning patients
  • Eliminates continuous stress of holding and securing patient

Improves and Meets the Turning Q2 Protocol

  • Faster to turn and clean by 59% (9-22 minute average)
  • Simple to use – no change in caregiver routines
  • Safety supports and easy open window allow caregivers to be hands free and better visibility to provide care while turning and changing a patient
  • Premium quality with leakproof bottom layer, breathable non-woven top layer, and 1500 cc absorbency 



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